Vice President Kamala Harris’ Birth Chart

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Kamala Harris is the Vice President of the United States of America. She was born October 20, 1964 at 9:28 pm in Oakland California.  Ms. Harris is on the cusp – a Libra with Scorpio tendencies.  Kamala Harris’ Birth Chart shows she has a magnetic personal charm and usually tries to maneuver situations so that she is in charge.  Vice President Harris knows how to work hard, and she applies herself wholeheartedly to achieve a goal.  Kamala Harris’ birth chart shows she is skillful in dealing with people.  Her sensuality attracts others, even when she is not aware of it.  At times she can be impatient and quick tempered, but essentially doesn’t like to get into arguments and she is always willing to keep the peace.  She has a captivating social nature, and she is not always on time for appointments.

Vice President Kamala Harris Birth Chart
Kamala Harris’ Birth Chart

Kamala Harris’ Birth Chart shows she has a planetary pattern called a ‘seesaw’. With planets divided into two distinct groups, she is very well balanced in her view, always being aware of both sides of an issue, always able to compromise between opposing points of view. This is also typical of her Libra personality.

One of the highlights of Kamala Harris’ birth chart is that it has two T-squares in it.  Mars and Jupiter are the Focal Points and they are in the twelfth and third houses, respectively. 

Jupiter in the Twelfth House

Vice President Kamala Harris is a Libra.

Jupiter in the Twelfth House gives Kamala a quiet and unassuming personality. For instance, she is kind – very considerate of others and is approachable and easy-going. Kamala needs to feel a passionate resonance for her work to be satisfying. She has her own personal code of conduct to which she is true to, no matter what public opinion may be, or convention may dictate. In addition, Kamala Harris’ birth chart show she is likely to be fond of cinema, or other imaginative flights of fancy. She tends to work behind the scenes, and does not seek personal glorification for her actions, but is content to do what she does because it is helpful to others.

Kamala Harris’ Birth Chart Shows Jupiter in Taurus

Jupiter in Taurus gives a deep appreciation of home environment and the material side of existence. For instance, She is likely to possess luxuries and the good things of life, which come to her without having to try very hard. She has the gift of making money. Also, She is likely to be very sensual in her appreciation of the finer things that life has to offer. Furthermore, she is an ease with the practicalities of life that many would envy. I addition, she is likely to be fond of good food.

Vice President Kamala Harris' birth chart..

Mars in the Third House

Mars in the Third House gives an alert, witty and energetic nature, possibly inclined toward sarcasm. She is adventurous and physically active, although potentially inclined to be nervous and “high-strung.” She is persuasive and communicates very well with others, although she may be a better talker than listener. If she has any flaws in this area, it is in being somewhat sharp with friends and relatives, or possibly indulging in gossip. She has a natural mechanical ability and do many things well. Furthermore, the outpouring of her energy is strongly centered on siblings, friends, and associates, possibly stemming from early educational experiences, and in communicating her truth to others around her, perhaps by means of writing. 

Kamala Harris’s Birth chart has Mars in Leo

Mars in Leo gives an energetic and passionate nature. She is dramatic, enthusiastic, ambitious, and proud, with tremendous vitality and courage. Kamala usually put her best foot forward, being possessed of an innate charm and animal magnetism that other people immediately recognize. The Vice President has strong opinions and is not shy in voicing them and may tend to be extremely stubborn and convinced of her own point of view. Kamala is likely to be physically active.

Libra is the sign of harmony and relationship. The Sun in Libra is at the time of the Equinox, when day equals night, and similarly Libra strives for balance between polarities.  Librans are known for their good taste, elegance, and charm. Kamala is a seeker of harmony and beauty. Her natural mode of living is in partnership with others. Intimate relationships are quite important to her, as are issues of social justice. She hopes that all parties in a conflict will be satisfied, and she tends to understand and support both sides of a dispute.

There are many more planetary alignments and aspects that are not mentioned here to consider.

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