The Houses

As far back as Babylonian times, ancient astrologers divided life into different categories.  They understood that a life’s journey consists of a myriad of activities and emotions, of work, ambition, hopes and dreams, and relationships.

The Houses of Astrology.

Babylonian astrologers named twelve separate categories of life, which have come down to us from that time almost unchanged. These twelve divisions are called Houses. Each House represents a separate area and specific function of your life. There is a House of domestic life, a House of personal wealth, a House of marriage, a House of career, etc.

The first house is the House of Self.  It is the most personal and most influential House in your chart, for it symbolizes you – your mannerisms, your style, your disposition, and temperament. This is the house of your outward behavior, your likes and dislikes. The First house reveals both the way you present yourself to others and the way the world sees you. It often indicates your physical characteristics, especially your head and facial features. Sometimes called the House of self-interests, it denotes what you want in life and how you go about achieving it. The place in your chart at which this House begins is the most important point in a horoscope, for it determines where all the other Houses will follow. In astrology the First House is thought of as a giant lens through which the rest or your chart is seen and interpreted.

If your first house is empty, not to worry, simply use your ascending planet (The planet ruled by your ascending sign) for interpretation.  Everyone has empty houses since there is only 10 planets – many people have more than a couple empty houses.

Your horoscope-which is a map of your individual personality-consists of all twelve Houses. Future articles will discuss the remaining eleven houses.

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