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Pacific Coast Very Cozy Comforter

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Pacific Coast Down has been treasured for over 100 years.

Making fine down products is something Pacific Coast has been doing since 1884. For four generations they have been perfecting the art of finding and processing the finest down available anywhere in the world.  Then, it is crafted into the coziest, fluffiest and longest lasting down comforters you  will find anywhere.

 This king sized, beige comforters’ design prevents the down from shifting to the edges and bottom of the comforter insuring a fluffing, long-lasting comforter.
$100 + shipping

These Premier White Goose Comforters cost between $200-$500 new. This comforter is just slightly used – in excellent condition.

This is truly a comfortable comforter – very soft and cozy. Much nicer than typical comforters.

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing.

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