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Pacific Coast Very Cozy Comforter

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It’s March so Winter is coming to an end. Here is Colorado however, it will continue to snow through April so there are plenty of cold days and nights ahead. If you are like me, when it’s cold, there is nothing better than covering yourself with your favorite blanket and watching TV, listening to music or doing nothing at all. If you have a favorite blanket that is not a Pacific Coast Premier White Goose Comforter you are missing out. Let me introduce you to your new favorite!

Pacific Coast Down is treasured today, just like it was over 100 years ago.

Making fine down products is something Pacific Coast has been doing since 1884. For four generations, they have been perfecting the art of finding and processing the finest down available anywhere in the world.  You will love Pacific Coast Comforter’s cozy, fluffy and long lasting down comforters – the best anywhere.

True baffle box means that inside, three dimensional fabric boxes we create room for a higher loft while the Comfort Lock® no-shift border keeps the fluffy white goose down distributed evenly over top of you instead of letting it migrate to the bottom and sides.

Sleep is precious, so why settle for anything less than this exquisite Luxury Year Round Comforter.

These Premier White Goose Comforters cost between $300-$500 new. This comforter is just slightly used – it’s in absolutely excellent condition.

This is truly a comfortable comforter – very soft and cozy. Much nicer than typical comforters. A Pacific Coast Comforter will definitely become your favorite blanket!

$100 + shipping

Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing.

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