Joe Biden’s Astrology Chart

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All About Joe

Joe Biden is the 46th President of the United States of America.  He was born November 20th, 1942 at 8:30 am in Scranton PA.  Joe Biden’s Astrology Chart shows his sun sign Scorpio on the cusp of Sagittarius. His ascendant is Sagittarius and his Moon, which is a focal point on his chart, is Taurus. I would expect to see many Sagittarius traits.  In fact, he may be more like a Sagittarius than a Scorpio.  Often, people are more like their Ascendant than their Sun.

President Joe Biden's Astrology Chart
Joe Biden’s Astrological Chart

On the Cusp:

Since Joe is a Scorpio with Sagittarius tendencies, he is sensitive, intuitive, and likely to have a lot of nervous energy.  He enjoys a variety of interests and hobbies and he attracts different friends. 

In addition, mental activity stimulates him. He is fond of discussion and is never reluctant to share his opinion.  Those he loves are aware of his loyalty and warm feelings; however, others usually see him as someone who makes dispassionate judgments.  The truth is, that he is sentimental but able to stand back and be objective if this is in his best interest.

Just like Trump has most all his planets on the eastern hemisphere, Biden has most of his planets on the southern hemisphere.  Also, just like Trump, Joe Biden’s’ Astrology Chart’s Focal planet is the Moon. 

The Southern Hemisphere emphasizes social and public life.  People with many planets in this top half of the horoscope tend to be oriented toward career or professional life.  Joe Biden is usually involved with the community or the world at large. Also, the approval of the public gives him satisfaction.

In addition to the above, Joe Biden has two T-squares and a Yod which will be described below.  This shows great potential.  In my opinion, based of birth charts, Joe Biden is much more suited for public services than Donald Trump.  For example, “helping others” is a phrase I see consistently in Joe Bidens’ interpretation.  Read on for more!

Chart Patterns

Funnel, focal planet Moon

He has the planetary pattern type called the ‘funnel’ shape (also known as the ‘bucket’). All his planets form a group, except for the focal point (the Moon). His energies tend to be channeled through this focus. He will have abilities in the occupied area of the chart, and goals in the direction of the focal point. The focal planet symbolizes how his energies will be expressed. This is where he seeks to have his needs met or achieve his purpose.

Joe Biden's Astronomy Chart

The Moon in Taurus gives a personality with a deep need for security, centered in the material world. He is possessed of powerful emotions, and he is also charming, good-natured, and attractive. The material world can be of importance to him, for it makes him feel comfortable to be in nice surroundings. He is also very practical, proud and stubborn, and should beware of acting conceited. He is likely to attract a loyal and loving partner.

The Moon in the Fifth House represents an emotional sensitivity in interacting with other people. He feels a need to express his emotions in an expressive or dramatic way. President Biden may feel the need to be seen or witnessed for him to feel connected with other people. He is expressive with his compassion and his affection. He is passionate in his approach to life. His affections are also changeable. He can be very charming.

Joe Loves People

He enjoys amusing others, and he is drawn to places where people play and take holiday. This is from the serious realms of critical and analytical thinking; Although he may overwhelm others who are not inclined towards the outward theatrical expression of their emotions. Joe has a need to be surrounded by people who enjoy being his audience. They should value his playful performances of self-expression. He is at his best when he can drop his concern for other’s opinions and relax into just being himself.

T-Square, focal planet Chiron

He has a T-Square in his chart. With this planetary aspect pattern he has a high degree of motivation and drive. His energies are most easily and habitually expressed by the energy of the focal point, the middle of the T-Square. He may also compensate for overdoing in life. This is by leaning toward the empty pattern element opposite the focal point, seeking to balance his activity.

The lesson of this planetary aspect pattern is in learning to use his considerable energy wisely in the pursuit of his true goals. There is great tension represented by the focal planet or planets in his chart. We see conflicting parts of his personality attain their focus and peak of energy. Furthermore, he may observe compulsive behavior in life.

Chiron in the Ninth House and in Leo

Chiron in the Ninth House represents issues with one’s vital force of abstracting and understanding universal truth. This placement can lead to high achievement in the scholastic arena. However, it may be nagging doubts that he is not good enough that spur him on. This is likely to be some form of painful realization. Thus, surrounding the pursuit of wisdom, or perhaps in philosophy or religion.

It may be that parental figures had different notions of what makes the world make sense than he did, but for one reason or another he didn’t take them on. Perhaps he was too young at the time for such a challenge, and now in his adult life he feels the pull of the beat of a distant drummer but feel ambivalent or not sure enough of himself to really do anything about it.

Joe Biden's Astrology Chart.

In his frustration he may even seek to help other people to work out their own concepts of higher knowledge, while he himself remains stuck in the mud of prior patterns. If so, it is time to shake off the shackles of the past and get on with his individual sense of his own philosophical values and visions.

Painful Experiences

Perhaps by delving into what associations he has with bad models from early childhood, he can begin to more fully and completely inhabit the natural vision that belongs to his higher self. Then he can truly shine in the world of ideas, as he moves out from his own center rather than the point of balance represented by other, more alien, philosophies.

Joe will continue to have painful experiences if these issues and their deep-seated emotions are relatively unconscious within his psyche. He may feel a need to help others in achieving their goals, rather than himself. He may even make a career of helping others in this way, leading them toward the path that he might have taken himself. This is valid if it comes from a place of no resentment for unfulfilled promises. It is important to try to become conscious of all his inner dynamics as he explores his life’s path.

Then he can shine out as a beacon for others and achieve dramatic results in his own life as well, in ways he would never have dreamed possible.

Another T-Square, focal planet Pluto

Pluto in the Eighth House gives him a serious and willful personality, with an intense focus on personal transformation. The president feels deeply and may have an almost psychic awareness of the feelings of others. He has strong desires and is single-minded about pursuing them. He may need to combat a tendency to manipulate others for his own purposes. Joe may also exhibit compulsive behavior around the issue of sexuality, or in insisting that he get his own way, and he benefits from loosening his grip.

There is a tendency to project onto others the issues that he is called upon to deal with in himself. In his own inner temple, he seeks to change his situation in the battlefield, rather than through the independent actions of his whole and entire self. He will likely go through many changes as the course of his life unfolds.

Pluto in Leo gives him a tremendous desire to be recognized and admired. President Biden may feel a compulsion toward self- aggrandizement, or have underlying feelings of insecurity. He is an essentially dynamic and charismatic individual with a strong need to make an impact on the world. He may find much to admire in the acting and artistic professions, and find his own creative outlet there. However, he is likely to go through many changes and challenges in putting himself forward in a way that truly serves as an expression of his highest purpose for himself.

Yod, focal planet Moon

He has a Yod planetary aspect pattern in his chart, also known as the ‘finger of God’. This pattern consists of two different planets forming inconjunct aspects of 150` to a third, or focal, point. Usually, there will be a marked emphasis on the area of life represented by this focal point. This may be one planet, or two or more in conjunction. He may have physical or psychological problems associated with the expression of the energies of the focal planet. This could create a subtle form of tension in his life. The key is adjustment.

His lesson is to transform the expression of these energies along more positive lines.

Sagittarius Rising 

Sagittarius Rising people are direct and forthright, good-natured and optimistic. Joe Bidens ruling planet is Jupiter. One always knows where one stands with him. He comes across as honest and forthright. He has a strong moral nature, yet he is also fun-loving and enjoy a good laugh, even at his own expense. Sagittarius is associated with idealism, religion and philosophy and the quest for freedom. Joe is friendly and well-liked by others, who are attracted to your open and honest nature. He loves adventure, sports and travel, gambling and risk-taking. He is generous and easy-going, also very curious about the world around him. Joe loves nature, and has an enthusiasm which can be contagious. At the highest level, he is concerned with understanding, perception, and mental activity in the service of high ideals, for the benefit of mankind.

Joe Biden's Astrology Chart
Joe Biden

Jupiter in Cancer and in the Eighth house
Ruler of rising sign

Jupiter in the Eighth House gives him a shrewd and careful personality. He can also be somewhat secretive. He has good judgment, and a constant sense of what is important to him. His focus is excellent, and he makes a good worker because of it. He has an innate sense of who he is and where he wants to be, and that is usually where he will be found. President Biden is passionate and sensual (especially if there is a challenging aspect between Mars and Jupiter in his chart) and very tuned in to other people. He has the gift of observation. Joe is fond of the occult, and he can possess the powers of a healer or mystic. He will likely go through many changes in his life in search of a deeper connection to his own higher power. He should beware, though, of being overly self-indulgent.

Jupiter in Cancer gives he a loving, kind and caring personality, very friendly and sociable, generous and high-minded. President Biden has an instinct for nurturing others, and find enjoyment as well as opportunity in this type of tribal sharing. He has an inherent spirituality, which is thus displayed not in philosophy, but in acts of love and generous giving of himself. Joe works well with the public, and is likely to be popular with his entire circle, and tends to attract material rewards without seeming to try. He possesses a natural sense of security based on what was perceived as a happy childhood. He has an inclination toward the poetical and mystical or the marvelous side of life.

Uranus in Gemini
Uranus in the Seventh House
Leading planet of planetary pattern

Scorpio with Sagittarius tendencies.

Uranus in the Seventh House gives an individual who is independent and original in the expression of artistic impulses and relationships. He is a lover of harmony and beauty, and he express this love in his own unique manner. President Biden does not subscribe to a conventional sense of the aesthetic, but is always breaking new ground. He is idealistic and philosophical, and he has a restless interest in new forms of stimulation.

There can be problems with marriage in that partners may find him alternately affectionate and uninterested. He is likely to seek a rather unconventional relationship, which allows room for growth on both sides. Joe needs more space in relationship than most, and searches for a partner who understands that, and has his or his own unique life perspective. He may also bring new concepts to the area of partnership. Part of his purpose in this life may be the transformation of the partnership energy into a new mode of being that can serve his own interest as well as enliven and invigorate his partner.

Uranus in Gemini

This gives an individual who is restless and mentally acute, with an ability to grasp new concepts quickly. He is likely to change his focus quite a bit. Education is important to him, and he actively explores new subjects and disciplines, becoming adept at all of them, but perhaps without fulfilling long-term commitments. He is one who can spark new ideas in the minds of others. His relations with friends and associates are also likely to vary sporadically.

President Biden may have had upsetting circumstances in early home life or in relations with his brothers and sisters, so that the underpinning of sibling relations represents for he an instability. He can think freely, unhampered by conventional attitudes or public opinion, and he can also benefit from developing self- discipline in his mental function. He has a need for unique expression in his life that corresponds to a higher vision to create new kinds of mental systems and new forms of communication.

Venus in Scorpio and in the Twelfth House
Angular planet – conjunct Ascendant

Venus in Scorpio gives an enthusiastic and intense love of nature that has the possibly of being obsessive or self-involved at times. This placement may prove difficult for him because the intense passions of Scorpio can be more than the milder love energy of Venus is ready for. He is sensual and passionate in relationships, and tends to relate to even casual contacts on a deeper and more personal level. For him, there is no such thing as a superficial contact with others. Also, he also may feel a basic relationship insecurity that drives him to be possessive or even jealous at times. He may appear friendly on the surface while acting selfishly at another more hidden level of his personality. He benefits from curbing the obsessive expression of his will. His challenge is the transformation of his deep and all-consuming passion into a more open and caring relationship energy.

Venus in the Twelfth House represents a deeply felt connection within him between artistic impulses, his values, and the spiritual or unworldly. President Biden is naturally tuned to higher planes of reality. Actually, he does not connect well with the mundane everyday world all around him. He may find his happiness in situations that encircle him in, away from the madding crowd.

He is likely to be poetical and musical, and extremely sensitive to the energy of others, even psychic. In fact, he is always ready to take sides with the underdog and may be the only one to see the magic in a person nobody else is willing to understand. He is socially adept, and easy-going, perhaps too easy-going at times. He may expect to sacrifice himself for any love interest that he has. His relationships will likely be of a mystical and ethereal nature. Thus, bringing him closer not only to his love object, but also through them to the divine within.

Neptune in Libra and the Tenth House

Neptune in the Tenth House gives a charming personality with an idealistic nature. President Biden may achieve much in the helping professions, or as a spiritual leader. He may also have a musical career. He tends to give more than he receives in his employment. Also, he possesses an almost naïve idealism where his work is concerned. His work must be spiritually satisfying, or he will lose interest. He is apt to be susceptible to suggestion, and may suffer disappointment in other people coming through for him. He also tends to avoid responsibility.

There may have been difficulties or confusion in his early years, especially about parental motivations. He also may idealize parental figures, and the image that he has of his parents may change as he matures. In general, he must learn to clarify his goals. He will not be content with an ordinary job, but must seek out some career that is a real calling. At his best he expresses the highest ideals of society and finds true joy in his vocation.

This is only a part of the entire interpretation. Contact me if you would like additional information about Joe Biden or perhaps yourself.  The entire chart is 40-50 pages long and is full of information about your psyche, behaviors and personality.  I am currently charging only $7.50 per detailed interpretation.  Please contact me if interested.

Creating a chart and interpretation for someone older like Joe Biden or Donald Trump is great. However, it’s more advantageous to create charts for younger people who have yet to discover what life has to offer.  For instance, you could use your chart for help in making decisions on career choices and relationship compatibilities. Anyway, I enjoy helping others through astrology if they are interested.

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