If You’re a Virgo

The world and everyone in it would go almost nowhere without Virgo, the earth sign that’s practical, organized, and efficient. Virgo excels in the details, which is a terrific asset for anything that must be planned and executed with precision. This is Virgo’s real strength.

Virgo is an analytical sign, and you can watch people with a strong Virgo emphasis check and recheck every option. These are the list makers and the ones who write out the pros and cons before deciding. But when taken too far, Virgo can get caught in the trap of paralysis by analysis.

Indecision and restlessness are the outward manifestations of Virgo’s mutable energy, which is flexible and versatile. Sometimes, however, Virgo is too adaptable, when taking a stand would be better than going with the flow.

Mercury, Virgo’s ruling planet, reflects Virgo’s emphasis on communication, but it also makes this sign prone to nervous tension and worry. A Virgo friend of mine admitted to me that she’s such a worrier that when life is humming along, she worries that something is wrong! Yet this same woman has marvelous speaking and writing abilities and a real talent for explaining the most complex concepts in simple terms that anyone can understand. She’s also a workaholic, a tendency that this sign is noted for. Virgos get great pleasure from work, but only if they feel they’re performing a valuable service and contributing to the betterment of their community, company, family, or the world.

Virgo is discriminating and meticulous about everything, which is where this sign gets its reputation for being meticulous and critical. It’s just that Virgo has the highest of standards and sees no point in doing anything halfway.

Virgo’s symbol is the Virgin, a woman holding a recently harvested chute of wheat. This is the essence of Virgo, the sign of a strong work ethic that reaps the rewards of its efforts. The same symbol also might be the reason for Virgo’s stereotype of being prim and proper. From my experience in talking with many Virgos, they only appear to be that way. That’s just their iden­tity in the eyes of those who don’t really know them. It’s also because Virgo tends to be reserved and cautious, especially in unfamiliar situations, and many people with this emphasis are shy or lack confidence in their outstanding abilities.

The house in your chart with Virgo on the cusp is where you focus on the details and go out of your way to be sure all is as perfect as is humanly possible. You’re somewhat cautious about the affairs of this house, testing yourself, planning and analyzing the various factors before going into any endeavor. It’s also where you’re exceptionally organized and can indicate the work methods and environment you prefer.

Virgo’s stereotype is “the perfectionist.” Some Virgos are, and some aren’t. Many embrace that principle through their young adult years or even middle age, often because of parental or environmental influence, and eventually realize and accept that the world is an imperfect place.

What you are is meticulous, but not nec­essarily neat, another Virgo stereotype. Some Virgos are downright messy and fond of their “organized messes.” Either way, you can reach into a pile of paper and pull out exactly what you’re looking for with an uncanny and unfail­ing accuracy. That’s part of your overall effi­ciency, which includes always taking the short­est route between two points, whether on the road, behind a desk, or immersed in a domestic, mechanical, or hobby project.

Virgo’s element is earth, so you have the corner on practicality and are literally down-to-earth, sensible, and dependable. You’re also somewhat reserved and modest-at least in out­ward appearances. Earth signs are the most sen­sual, both from a sexual and sensory perspective.

Discriminating in all things, you have a knack for detail and analysis. But as a result, you miss the big picture at times. It’s easy to get bogged down in the little things. Take a periodic step back and put the issue or task at hand in per­spective. That’s also a helpful technique when worries dominate your thoughts, which they often do. It’s far more productive to put indecision aside, meet a problem head-on, and take action rather than let it control your thoughts.

Virgo is the sign of work and service. What others view as work, you see as fun, and even your leisure hours are filled with what others perceive as just another item for the to-do list. That’s partly because of your work ethic and the fulfillment and pride you feel with each task completed, both personally and professionally. Many Virgos are devoted volunteers, sharing their skills and talents with a wide variety of nonprofit organizations and groups.

Quiet and reserved, work and helping others bring you great emotional satisfaction. You enjoy planning and organization and have an unerring eye for detail, which at times can spark criticism if others fail to meet your definition of perfection. Routine is your comfort zone, although you can be versatile when necessary, and you pride yourself on cleanliness. Your home may be messy or neat, but either way, there’s a sense of order that suits your needs. Anyone with a Virgo Moon can find anything even in a cluttered home. You’re practical and analytical and thus think through your feelings by examining them from every angle to deter­mine how you feel. Doing so makes you feel secure in decision making. Not one to openly express your emotions, you do open with those you know well and love.

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