If You Are a Leo

Leo’s most Likable trait is Exuberance.  You are dedicated to your self and possess a kingdom. The kingdom could also be huge or small, it might be your own home or a lover or a piece of inventive work or your entire profession. But no matter it’s, you’re unquestioningly ruler of this realm.

Leo represents the ego and a individual’s identity. People outline themselves, partially, by their place on earth, whether or not when it comes to a profession, pastime, kids, household, or their most up-to-date fifteen minutes of fame. Some folks have mega-sized, insatiable egos, whereas others are content material with occasional reward. The level is, that everybody has an id and an ego that must be stroked. Anyone with a sturdy Leo affect, nevertheless, wants extra strokes than most.

Leos do nearly the whole lot on a large scale, with a lot drama. The showy, self-centered Leo is the stereotype of this sign, however there is far more to Leo than a starring role.

This sun-shiny sign is dominated by the Sun. Without these photo voltaic rays, there can be no life on Earth as we all know it. So, it’s becoming that folks with a sturdy Leo affect would really feel they’re as important as life itself and naturally need to be on the middle of the universe.

Leo’s element is fire, and its high quality is fastened. Together, the fixed-fire nature of Leo is one in every of motion and follow-through, which makes this a sign of management. The draw back will not be a lot that Leo likes to be in cost as that Leo takes cost even when it will be higher to be a group participant.  Being middle stage and stealing the present is nice however you must share the limelight with the supporting solid and crew.

Another excellent trait related to Leo is creativity, which might take many varieties ­ from performing, to creative expertise, to brilliant concepts, to leisure-time activities and youngsters. Some folks might assume that everybody with a sturdy Leo affect has or needs kids. Not so. In truth, some have kids of the mind – tasks which are the progeny of Leo’s inventive, high-spirited power.

Leo’s affect in your chart will manifest by the house with Leo on the cusp. That is the place you will discover your creativity or the greatest surroundings or scenario to spark your creativity. This house will inform you the place and the way you need to stand out from the gang, what you are passionate about, and the place you could have a sturdy ego funding. Because Leo is the sign of pleasure, leisure, enjoyable, and romance, you can also acquire insights into these areas of your life.

As a Leo, you’re the star of the zodiac, an attention-getter wherever you go, no matter what you do. When in your presence, folks sense a refined shift, an indefinable glow that is your aura of confidence and vitality and your aptitude for the dramatic. With the Sun as your ruling planet, it’s simple for you to step into the function as the middle of the photo voltaic system.

Leo’s are fashionable, outgoing, and artistic, and other people look to you for recommendation and route. They additionally need and count on you to take cost.

That is your pure management means, which emerges at work and at play.

Integrity is critical enterprise to you, and you’re taking pleasure in your reliability, honesty, and ethics. Although these are your core beliefs, your secondary motivation is to attain and keep the very best repute. Likewise, you consciously keep away from actions and phrases that will dent your shallowness.

For one with such excessive shallowness – or perhaps due to it – your ego is extra fragile than most suspect. An unkind remark, somebody who wounds your pleasure, or a lack of recognition to your efforts throws you off stability. Where different folks can toss off such life occasions, you’re taking them to coronary heart. You profit while you study to place issues in perspective and contemplate the supply, thereby taming your ego considerably.

Leo is a fixed sign; it has all of the willpower essential to accomplish the whole lot from day by day activities to main life achievements. This internal power helps navigate obstacles and outlast the competitors. But there may be a nice line between willpower and stubbornness. You can dig in your heels and refuse to hearken to purpose, good recommendation, and various opinions. That will not be in your greatest pursuits even when your firmly entrenched beliefs and ideas are questioned. You are perhaps stunned for those who hear and open the door to change. New concepts, opinions, and strategies are price consideration. And you by no means know – they could turn out to be your own.

No one should persuade you that a balanced life-style is necessary. Fun-loving Leos love leisure time and fill evenings and weekends with socializing, sports activities, hobbies, and artistic endeavors. Most additionally take pleasure in travel and think nothing of dashing off on the spur of the second.

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