Creating a Video Slideshow Using Adobe Premier Pro

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Video slideshows are a cool way to share your photos with others online.  This is a basic slide show with transitions set to music.

  1. Create a new project and name it.
  2. Import the photos you want to use in your slide show.
  3. Drag the photos onto to the timeline in the order you want.
  4. Change the speed/duration of the slides from 4:29 to 6:00
  5. Add transitions from the effect’s menu.
  6. Import and add music.
  7. Export it as a MP4 video.

Additionally, you can burn the files to a DVD or send them as attachments to an email for others to view. Furthermore, you could embed the video slideshow into a website or share them on social media.

Premier Pro is one of the many programs you get with Adobe Creative Cloud. Please Contact me with any questions you might have about purchasing Creative Cloud.

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