I now provide the following charts and interpretations:


  • A birth chart – a recording of the planets’ position & placement at the time of your birth.
  • A transit chart shows the current position of the planets in relation to the Natal chart.
  • A Comparison Chart can help you to understand the interactions and compatibility of two people based on a comparison of their Natal charts.
  • A Composite chart compares two charts as a single wheel based on planetary midpoints.
  • The chart for the exact moment when the Sun returns to its precise natal position is called a Solar Return chart, and symbolizes the nature of the year ahead.
  • Astro maps (astrocartography) take a person’s natal chart and use the position of the planets at the exact time of birth to inform them where in the world they’ll thrive.
  • Medical Astrology report deals with health issues, ruling body parts, diet and Erogenous Zones.

I don’t predict the future; rather, I look at your birth chart and determine how you can live a more prosperous, happy and fulfilling life given the current and future location of planets.  For instance, I can help you make decisions as to where to travel to.  Also, I can determine if you and your partner are compatible, and what are the positive and negative aspect of your relationship.  Furthermore, I can create a solar or lunar return chart on your birthday to help you make decisions for the next twelve months.

Prices and packages vary in price – anywhere from $7.50 for a basic birth chart to $350 for the complete, researched interpretation.  Please contact me if interested.


Cancer Resource Directory

I have created a Resource page for Cancer patients.  I dedicated to everyone I’ve know who has died of the disease – there are many.  This resource page is especially helpful for those who may need financial or legal assistance or need to get in touch with a support group. For example, some links include: Cancer CareSusan B. Komen and Cancer Legal Resource Center.


Furthermore, this resource directory is continually updated to provide the most current information available. Please contact us if you find an error, or are aware of a resource not listed.


About D Joseph Weiss

I am a Biologist/Environmentalist.  I am also a website developer, graphic artists and general IT guy.  Furthermore, I am a gardener, a cook and a craftsman.  The main objective of this website is to share what I know in these and other areas of interest to me and hopefully to my readers.  In addition I would love to use my Virtual Assistant Service skills to help other businesses who don’t have an administrative assistant.

My Education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Science from Colorado State University.  In addition, I  have graduated from Business College in Computer Information Systems and Accounting and I still take continuing education  classes online primarily on computer software applications.  My work experience includes many years in both government as private industries.   When asked what do I like better, my answer is neither.  Without a doubt, I prefer to work for myself.

Although I don’t pay much attention to my daily horoscope, I do have a keen interest in astrological Natal/Birth Charts.  I do believe that part of our psych is determined by the alignment of the planets at the moment of our birth.  Call me crazy, but it’s astounding how accurate these charts can be.  For example, I have yet to meet a Leo who isn’t extroverted and somewhat dramatic.  Also, Virgos that I know are all very detailed oriented and Capricorns are workaholics.

I especially feel that an Astrology Birth Chart would be great for younger people  – teenagers – to help them set goals for the future.  In addition, If you are unhappy with your career, the Free Astrology Birth Chart, or perhaps a more detailed chart, could help you realize your potential in a different field.

Web site design, development and SEO

My Virtual Assistant Services include development of websites for people who hate computers but need a site for their business.  I have been building websites since the mid 1990’s.  Today, it is much easier to develop websites with WordPress, Wix an other platforms.  However, the hard part is getting people to visit a particular site.  In fact, I would rather have a not so good looking site that gets many visitors rather than a really good looking site that get few to none.

Therefore, I have been dedicating much of my work to SEO – Search Engine Optimization.  As a result, I  develop nice looking sites that hopefully get many visitors.  SEO is not easy and it requires time and yes, some money (but not a lot) to get visitors.  However, the results are worth it in increased revenue.

Cancer Resources