I used to be a skeptic.  I’m a Biologist – a scientist, and astrology does not follow a scientific method.  I thought horoscopes where nonsense because they rarely seemed to reflect my situations at the time.  It wasn’t until I had my birth chart prepared in the mid 1990’s – when I had my chart done – that I started to believe in it.

There is a mechanism to how the positions of celestial bodies affect life on Earth. The biggest example is how the phases of the moon influence tides. When there’s a full moon, tides swell due to the gravitational pull of the moon on bodies of water. Police precincts report how crimes are higher during full moons. Farmers used the phases of the moon to determine the best timing to plant seeds and harvest crops, and they even use the moon along with the position of other planets to determine the best time for day-to-day activities such as cutting hair, cleaning house, buying new equipment.

RCA (Radio Corporations of America), which was once the biggest communications firm in the States, used sunspots to figure out how to avoid drops in communication over the television or radio. They did this because, as astronomy determined, solar prominence affect the geomagnetic field of the Earth.

Many of the planetary influences have the same effect on Earth and other planets in our solar system through similar mechanisms: gravitational pull, magnetism, and luminosity.  Can these forces determine one’s personality at birth?  Perhaps.  Every single science—astrology, biology, psychology, sociology, you name it—all have unanswered questions that require a leap of faith. Science is good, but it’s not perfect and either is astrology.

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Astrology has been used over the centuries by kings, Popes such as Leo X and Paul III, and historical figures from Benjamin Franklin to President Reagan, all who have consulted with astrologers. They trusted that the practice of astrology could provide valuable information to help them manage their affairs and make important decisions. Astrological interpretation offered them insightful analysis of the past, guidance to the future, and wise counsel they could depend on as being accurate. In fact, J.P. Morgan once said, “Millionaires don’t use astrologers, but billionaires do!”.

I offer three levels of service on this site: Free, $5, and more than $5 depending on time spent working on your interpretation.

The free version of your birth chart is completely done by computer using interpretations I entered from various sources.  This version contains planets in houses and signs but no aspects.

The $5 version is a complete interpretation of your birth chart done by computer and human.  To make the best of this, you should complete my questionnaire so we can work together at solving your inquiries.